You can use this thread to praise something for whatever reason!

I’ll start:

Praise beer: because it tastes sooooo good!

praise Dee-ehn: for starting this thread

Praise spring: females start wearing sexy clothing

praise Bill Gates: for being the reason why everybody can use a pc :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Praise my dark lord master, for it is he who have taught me in the way of the Sith.

Wait, this isnt IRC…?

Praise Allah, for not being my god…

Praise Razor1982´s avatar…

Praise sneakgirl for keeping the forums lively and also praise Namoh for being pedantic.

Praise beer: well because … it’s beer. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Ivanhoe, I’m not pedantic.

praise life: because it is so good :iagree:

praise the internet…and sneakygirl’s avatar.

Praise Club CDFreaks for making my work day a little less boring. :wink:

Praise…Womble and Nosmartz for being sweet and caring guys…smooches

Praise the lord for returning Gil back to us:p

Praise… S_S,Sneaky and Ally for makin the livin room a fun place(although it does get messy some times)hehe :iagree:

Praise Dee_27 for the work on the FW.It helps me out a lot.Much appreciated Dee.

Amen to that
:bow: :iagree: :bow: :iagree: :bow: :iagree: :bow: :iagree: :bow: :iagree:

Praise the greenbud!

Praise Scotch…I’ll have another. Oh this isn’t the pub.

Praise the movie WarGames, for it gave me the cool words: Global Thermonuclear War.

Praise babes in short skirts.