Sorry if I’m off the subject here, but I’m trying to back up Praetorians. I’m not sure of the exact version, as far as I saw in Portmac’s site (and others) the game uses Securom v. 4.8xxxxx copy protection scheme. I am using alcohol trial version ( WITH RMPS (just as the profile for sec new v4.x specifies for both read and write). Well, the game could install no problem, but it cannot run. It will run from the original (on the same installation), so it’s not a case of atip hiding or blacklisting of any sort. Could you help me? Is it possible to do it with just alcohol using the twinpeaks method (I don’t use BW as it never worked for me)? Will I then be needing two cds (one for installation and another for playing)? TIA.

If you’re running the copy from one of your writers, you must have ignore media type or another atip hiding utility running to do so (note that the original doesn’t need it because pressed silvers have no atip).

If you’re using RMPS emulation, then you must also enable RMPS emulation in either alcohol or daemon tools for the copy to run irrespective of whether you’re running the copy from a writer or your dvd.

As for twinpeak copies, if you want to install from the copy as opposed to just play after installing from the original (and what’s wrong with installing from your original anyway? :confused: ), you’ll almost certainly need a non-twinpeak copy since all your roms are tosh or plex drives. (Note that it’s very rare to be able to install from a twinpeak copy with a plex, tosh or asus drive.)

Thanks for the answer… No, I’m not running the copy from my writer (although I tried that, too, in my despair). I have enabled the RMPS function from Alcohol’s options (I thought it does that automatically if you use securom’s profile, anyway). I also tried the Ignore Media Type both on and off (again, in my despair, as I’m not using the writer to play the game from). And I installed the game from my Tosh, too, so it’s not like it tries for the installing drive. I’m out of my depth here. I thought it might be a bad copy (media is TDK, I consider them quite good, but you never know), so I checked with a CD-RW, too, to no avail. I’m afraid I’m out of ideas.

Although I 'm not a complete newbie, I’ve never experimented with twinpeaked copies (limited time on my hands). I don’t mind giving it a try - and there’s nothing wrong installing the game from the original- I’m just asking. Can it be done with Alcohol only though? I’m almost sure I’ve read somewhere Alcohol’s .mds is as good as BW’s .bwa files, if not better.

P.S: I do not have Daemon tools installed.

The most curious thing happened. I thought I had the latest alcohol version to test with, but last night I found out this was not the case. So I downloaded the newer version, uninstalled the previous one, installed the new and… what a miracle! My RMPS copy worked!!! Thanks Philamber for your help. Problem was probably with the installation of Alcohol and is now resolved. I’m a happy man.

By the way, as I was going mad with this RMPS copy not working, I tried out the other way of producing a copy. I tried to download a .bwa file for this game and twinpeak it. I found the file from Portmac’s site (God bless the guy!), had alcohol produce me a .ccd file, patched it with twinpeak and burned the patched .ccd. The game would not start with this method either! It actually froze my pc every time I tried to run the game. Do you think it would be a success if I changed the steps (left it at 15 which was the default value, just as suggested in your guide), or is it a lost case for me? (I now have the RMPS copy working, so I’m just looking for knowledge now).

Originally posted by pafan
Do you think it would be a success if I changed the steps (left it at 15 which was the default value, just as suggested in your guide), or is it a lost case for me?

Try with a sector step of 50 and/or use a slower burning speed and let us know how you go.

Hi, Philamber. I tried with a CD-RW highspeed (4-10x) burned at 10x, with a sector step of 50. The result is a copy similar to the one I had using the default settings. The cursor changes to a spinning cd and tries infinite times to read from the DVD drive, but with no real result. Could it be a different version of my Praetorians CD and the .bwa file? I don’t know what else to say…
Should I try different burning speeds?