PQI 4GB SD Card 4GB $109

Wow 4gb postage stamp(SD). Interesting.


hmm…looks good.
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That’s nice for a 150GB 4GB SD.

[B]Final Price : $109.95 + Free Shipping + No Tax (Except CA)[/B]

USB 2.0 2GB now costs under US$50, btw, so it’s no wonder SD and CF prices for 2GB and 4GB are falling so rapidly.

But keep in mind flash memory prices will continue falling. Samsung, the largest flash maker, has some very bold plans to make flash as attractive as DVD and HDD. We are going to see 64GB, 128GB, and larger flash cards in the near future.

“BTW Ryan i thot u died in season3” - Do you remember how he died? I hated him the entire season then that happened. It was great! I was in a tough job at the time and felt like I had been offed like that and chose it for a screenname.

Nobody ever knows who RC is. Good call.

Are we also going to see “standalone flash card player” (like dvd player) that can be connected to a tv? :wink:

We already have iPOD’s and so many similar players, so why not? Seems only a matter of time really. It wasn’t too long ago that 1GB barrier in flash memory products was first broken. My first flash memory when I bought my first digital camera was a mere 32MB CF and 700MB CD-R’s had been ubiquitous by then. Standalone flash card players sounds like a very nice idea. :iagree:

I don’t know why no-one has come out with a car stereo that you can plug in a USB drive or mem card with mp3’s on it. Or a boom box with same.

Because they are not quick to adopt stuff like MP3s etc.

I would love for them to offer one that would read DVDs full of mp3s. You should be able to equipt a Dash CD unit with a DVD for the same price as a CD, without the lcd display! I like your idea of reading usb and sd flash memory better now!!!

Also, I think they should all save CD’s and DVD’s to a harddrive contained in the in-dash unit.

That will never happen.

They don’t care what techies and consumers want at first.

Tivo, mp3 players, and a lot of new gadgets and feature all had to overcome these same obstacals to get where they are today!

actually it is already here. I work in a car audio shop and we carry a product called estone ripper and it has a usb slot and sd slot right on the front of the radio. The usb slot also lets you plug in your ipod and the stereo will control basic functions of ipod. Kenwood is also shipping units w/ usb ports and alpine has an in dash single din head unit, no screen that will play dvd mp3’s. And if you really want to get something good the new Pioneer avic-z1 is a am fm cd navigation w/ a built in 30 g hard drive , i think 20 gig for navigation and 10 gig for media…

Just remember, most SD-based Digital Cameras do not support FAT32, and hence, can’t support over 2 GB SD cards. :frowning: (My Panasonic FX9, included).

On another note, Fry’s Electronics has the Seagate 4 GB Micro Drive CF Type II on-sale for $69, no rebates. My Canon Power Shot G6 does support FAT32 and over 2 GB. :slight_smile:

Well it’s about time. Thanks for the info.