Ppl interrested in ISO's & stuff



High there guys :slight_smile:

Am just wondered if any of you guys is interrested in joinin’ us on IRC!

server: irc.gravestone.net
port: 6667
chan: #isogods

We chat every day at 1800! Trading pubs & stuff, sometimes doing some onliners too (UT
& others)


All Pandora.BE ppl may get an account on my private server! 30 ISO’s dayly…

When the Slingblade come, better be gone :wink:


Is the #isogod on effnet ? or does it have to be that irc server ?


Iso, can you email me and explain how i can do this?


WebMaster of ShadowKasters NY



african, no we moved

and uptownchris, how to do what? get on irc?
mail me and i’ll help ya…


When the Slingblade come, better be gone :wink: