Ppaluninst.exe - flashback to WIN98

Can anyone send me that file? The computer won’t shutdown, even ctrl/alt/del doesn’t do anything, won’t bring up a screen.
Clicking on shutdown, restart or boot to DOS does nothing. Trying to boot to DOS does at least give me an error about something not shutting down?

My only hope and guess is this file (ran file checker) is the cause. They’ve nuked something they shouldn’t have I guess.

These are poor people at a church that heard maybe I could help them. :confused: It’s just old computer with 64meg of memory and a small hard drive, I’ve got XP but it won’t do these people any good, I’m trying to get this thing at least to run for them.
It’s better now but I can’t shut it down.

Any help is appreciated. If you can email it to me just rename it to .txt and we’ll fake out the virus checkers and I’ll change the file extension back to .exe

I would gladly send you that file but it is not a part of Windows and has nothing to do with your shutdown problem.
I loaded both my Windows ME and Windows 98SE racks and searches reveal that this file does not exist. I’m on my Windows ME rack as I type this.

I would suggest that you search Microsoft Knowledge Base for articles pertaining to Windows 98 shutdown issues, there were many. Several fixes were issued by Microsoft to address shutdowm issues.

You may also want to try another installation over the current one. There would be no data loss and it sometimes correct issues and replace missing or corrupted files.

Thank you! I was (could only) guess that was a windows system file. It was stored in the system file directory anyway, so I concluded it was some sort of windows file … when I searched for info on it I could find nothing.
This explains why I found nothing huh?

Thanks again.

some program called ppal’s uninstall ?