PowerRec: Do You Run Enabled or Disabled?



I can see advantages to running PoweRec enabled if I ran suspect media, but I usually burn TY or Verbatim (MCC) 8x so would I be better off disabling Powerec? What’s your take? Thanks! :slight_smile:


With my 712A turning PR off generally results in a coaster…


How I am getting bad burns with PowerREC on good burns with PowerREC off


Media quality, even for TY and MCC, varies a lot. PowerRec takes some of the worry out of burning, at a cost that’s usually in the few-seconds range (unless something is very wrong with the disc, which is when you need it).


My openion is…use it!


I have never turned mine off. It seems to work fine.


PowerRec should be enabled, it prevents from costers even on some high quality media!!


How so? Follow my link…


I never had problems like yours with PowerRec enabled, even when it kicks in an lowers the burnspeed!
The discs are perfectly readable on my drives (all Plextors), but i don’t own a Toshiba DVD-Rom!


I think that PoweRec should remain enabled. Even though alexnoe has problems with it, this only happens with extremely picky drives and when PoweRec is disabled, the risk of creating a coaster is much higher because of a too high burn speed. I’ve personally haven’t had any problems with the drive creating coasters because of PoweRec kicking in.


fact is that with powerrec off, i didn’t see any of those problems.

Is there anyone who ever had a coaster on quality media due to powerrec being switched off (TLA#02 or newer, plz)? I still wonder why people buy a drive twice as expensive as a NEC and then use poor media…


My conclusions after burn 2 TDK +R DVD 4x, at 8x…

Without PR and AS ON:
PIE: 634

After enable PR and AS ON:
PIE 63

P.S. - This was done, after open my Plextor, and “repair it”. Never, before had this “coast” at the start, even with the PR ON… :confused:


What do you mean with “TDK”? Do you mean TDK-001-00 or RICOHJPN-R01-02? TDK is selling both disc types :slight_smile:


I keep PR enabled all the time and I have yet to face a problem like alex describes …


** INFO : Hex Dump Of ‘Media Code’-Block Listed Below
** INFO : 4-Byte Header Preceding ‘Media Code’-Block Discarded
** INFO : Format 11h (Method 1) - ADIP Information
0000 : a1 0f 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 26 05 3f 00 00 00 00 …&.?..
0010 : 00 00 01 43 4d 43 20 4d 41 47 00 46 30 31 00 38 …CMC MAG.F01.8
0020 : 23 54 37 10 02 48 71 02 8c 69 16 16 0b 0b 0a 0a #T7…Hq…i…
0030 : 01 1d 1e 0c 0c 12 12 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 …
0040 : 01 00 38 38 02 28 64 31 05 30 22 10 08 20 1c 01 …88.(d1.0"… …
0050 : 00 00 02 28 64 31 05 30 22 10 08 20 1c 01 00 00 …(d1.0"… …
0060 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 …

Don´t now if is good or not… :confused:


Additionally, TDK is selling CMC MAGF01 4x +R as well, if you don’t know how to identify these, you are totally screwed :a


Oh Oh … Morrdorr’s post beat me … :bigsmile:


You could blame the drive for trying to write that crap at 8x at all, but not for making a coaster at that speed :smiley:


Damm!! :a :a :a

I pay a lot for those piece of S****?? No wonder! And to tought that i blame my lovely beautifull Plextor!! Shame myself! Shame on Me! :bow:

Bought on the Bests Shops around: FNAC. :a :a

Forgive-me Plextor! I won`t say bad of you again! :bow: :bow: :wink:

Thanks Folks! The good part is that i only have 2 or 3! Maybe to a friend, no CDfreak, perhaps… :wink:

P.S - PR WORKS!!! That`s the FINAL PROVE!! :eek:


I have experienced the same problem as alexnoe.

Burning a 50 batch of TDK -R 8x@8x (TTH01) and a 50 batch of TDK -R 8x@8x (TTG02) without any issue having Powerec ON.

Now I got a batch of TDK +R 8x (TDK-002-00) burned @8x PR ON.
My scans could be a copy of alexnoe’s scan.
There is a drop in the read speed curve even reading with my PX716.
My Toshiba has problems at this place too, but can read it with reduced speed.
Only reading with the PX116 shows nothing special and has a smooth reading curve.
The read speed drop is exact at the place where the Beta makes a big jump.

However with Powerec OFF I have no issues at all.
In both cases (Powerec ON and Powerec OFF) SUM8 < 25 and SUM1 < 4.

Powerec seems to do something strange changing its writing strategy while increasing the write speed.

The conclusion: Powerec must be definitely switched off using this kind (or batch?) of media.