PowerRead in Pioneer and Buffalo Writters

Buffalo Writters based on Pioneer DVR-112D & DVR-112L

By the table below, it seems that some Buffalo writters has the PowerRead function enable and others not:


Models based on Pioneer DVR-112D:

PowerRead is mentioned only in first model:


Models based on Pioneer DVR-112L:

PowerRead is mentioned only in first model:


Regarding Buffalo firmwares available in TDB site for Pioneer DVR-112D and DVR-112L:



It seems that tdb firmwares are based in Buffalo models with PowerRead:


Pioneer Writters:

-UltraDRA (Dynamic Resonance Absorber)
-Precision recording technology

It seems that Pioneer DVR-A12J has PowerRead function:

“The later technology has been developed by Japanese Buffalo and allows scratched DVD media to be read correctly by the drive.”


My question is:

Did you know if PowerRead is also activated by default in Pioneer DVR-112D? (by Pioneer)


I think it’s mainly some kind of marketing buzzword…

Robertoy> Power Read needs firmware and software support to work.
Power Read only works with PowerDVD 6.0 bundled with Pioneer or Buffalo packages because they bundle a customized version of PowerDVD 6.0. In other words Power Read will not work with the comercially available PowerDVD versions.
The models that you list that dont have Power Read listed as feature dont have PowerDVD bundled by Buffalo (low budget package).
All Pioneer 112 drives have Power Read enabled in the firmware but not all versions of PowerDVD have Power Read enabled.

Hi Koba,

Thank you for the excelent explanation. (i´m from Brazil and don´t understand the japanese explanations in Buffalo site…)

If PowerRead helps to reproduce a dvd without interruptions in a dvd player software (certified), also it could help to rip a scratched dvd right? (in a case of a rip software certified with PowerRead)

This would be interesting in the cases when a user needs to make a backup copy of their scratched dvd´s…


I wonder what “writters” are. :confused: :rolleyes:

BTW, thanks for the post.


Sorry by my bad english dear chef of [U]wri[B]t[/B]ers[/U] :o :slight_smile:


[B]PowerDVD 6 updates related to PowerRead:[/B]

Update for bundle PowerDVD provided with Buffalo DVM-RXG18FB/ DVM-RXG18U2 for Windows 2000/XP environment (2006/12/06)

[B]Trouble correction[/B]

When playing back the DVD-VR disk, correcting the problem where the function of PowerRead is not just used

Uptade for bundle PowerDVD provided with Pioneer DVR-A12J-W/BK/SV (2007/3/14)

[B]Trouble correction[/B]

-Adjustment of PowerRead function


Sorry Roberto, I’ve never seen such a “description” before, so I was curious.

Again, thanks for your info and kindness.