PowerProducer3 - audio/video out of sync

Hi all…

I’m having problems with PowerProducer3. When I create a DVD project and import a file from an existing DVD (basically a .vob file from a DVD which my Sony DVD Camcorder created) it will play properly in Preview mode, but once I burn the completed project (I’ve tried straight-to-disc as well as burning an IMAGE first), the audio and video are out of sync the further you get into the video. The first few minutes seem to be ok, but by the end, the audio is so out of sync, that video’s playing WITHOUT any sound.

I started out with PowerProducer3 that came with the DVD burner (LG GSA H10L), then upgraded to the patch they posted in August 2006 (don’t remember the version, but it’s the one that updated to 16:9 authoring) and recently upgraded to the current patch (Sep 8, 2006) 3.7 3221 hoping those patches would solve the problem, but still the same problem (audio/video out of sync).

Everything else seems to work fine, for example if I import other video files (.wmv, mpg1, XviD, DivX, etc) everything’s in sync… Just when I import the .vob (mpeg-2, DVD) files do problems arise. I even tried lowering the video quality (tried them all. HQ all the way to LOWEST) and still problems.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Did I post this to the wrong group!? I’m hoping someone could help me out here, the problem is still unresolved!


Well, never got a reply, but solved my problem so thought I’d post my solution in case others experience the same thing.

Basically, it’s the fault of PowerProducer3. I’ve upgraded TWICE (basically Cyberlink’s 2 more recent patches posted on their site in August and September), and still no solution. But FINALLY, they have a Patch online dated October 24, 2006 (version 3.7 3405) that did it! My MPEG-2 files, and DVDs now stay in sync (audio-video sync) and can produce at the highest quality with no problems.

Hope this helps others!