Powerproducer 3 Aspect Ratio?

How do you set the aspect Ration in Power Producer when creating a DVD Movie? it defaults to 4:3 and that is no good for me?

Any help would be great!


Hi there Chris,

I use Power Producer 2 where you have that choice (4:3, 16:9 and panscan). Weird that they erase that feature in a newer version?!? On selfmade dvds, the video is all right but the diapresentation is not coming out right, since it seems the left and right sides are being cut?! I do not have this problem when I use my computer to watch the dvd, but I have the problem on a dvd-tv setup. Can anyone tell me where to start looking? I already diminished the resolution, I cut of the sides of the dias and still my problem stands!

Any help would be super!