Hello my name is Sue and I am totalyl new to all these chat rooms so sorry if I do anything wrong

I have got video studio 11 and I want to transfer a 3 page word document and make it in to a title is this possible please or do I have to manually type everything in.
I have tried powerpoint but I am a total novice so I have no idea

What little I know about this site is great.

I had the a problem with the video filters disappearing and took the advice of one of your members and it worked brilliantly a big thanks to them

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me.

Hello Sue, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ll move this to the General Software forum, where hopefully you’ll get plenty of help.


Hi Ya

Don’t seem to have any replies on this one any idea where else I could go for help I have started typing it but it is taking forever do you know if I finish typing all this do I have to save it as a video file.

Many Thanks

If it were me, I would just copy/paste as much as possible, directly into blank frames in Studio (one frame per page), then use transitions to go from one page to the next.