Powerpoint to VCD

Please feel free to move this thread if someone feels it is in the wrong Forum, but it does relate to burning VCD’s.

I have a (long) Powerpoint presentation, on CD, of my daughter’s recent trip to Vanuatu. Is it possible to convert it to MPEG-1 and burn it as a VCD, so it can be played on a stand-alone player?

If so, what is the process to do so?


what i would try to do is rehearse the timings for ppt and get it where the slideshow will run on its own once you start it. Then use a capture utility to capture the presenttation to a video file. Then use for eg. Tmpgenc to convert the captured video file to a stnadard vcd compliant stream, then burn with say nero.

I haven’t had much sucess with some of the screen capture utilities, i find that they can’t capture video at enough fps on my system, maybe you’d have better luck.

As kwkard said, you neeed to capture it. I use Snagit, very versitile. Set the frame rate to 24 (23.976) if your in an NTSC country, else set at 25 for PAL. It saves the file as an AVI, and I tend to use DivX as the encoder. If your HD is FAT32 you will be limited to a max size of an AVI at 2 gig. Not a problem if on an NTSC foramet HD. Audio can be captured as well and quality depends on your sound card.

Thanks guys, I’ll give it a try. The cd was made by someone else on the trip and they’ve set it as a continuous slideshow with audio. It should be an interesting experiment.

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If your HD is FAT32 you will be limited to a max size of an AVI at 2 gig. Not a problem if on an NTSC foramet HD.

4, NTFS. :bigsmile:

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4, NTFS. :bigsmile: [/B]

Thanks mate it was getting late, :smiley: yes I ment NTFS.

However, an AVI is naturally limited to 2 gig even though FAT32 can go to 4gig . Some software can creaet AVI’s greater than 2 gig and many cant read these >2gig files also. A real mixed problem so I tend to use DivX as my AVI compressor and rarely go above the 2 gig AVI limit thus no problems.

Don’t most now support OpenDML?

Key word is most, not all.

Did the conversion work? i have the same problem and want to try to capture and convert …but i,m not sure that a home dvd can play an AVI file???

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