Powerpoint Presentation to DVD or CD

Hello Guys,

I would like to burn a Powerpoint Presentation to a DVD or CD which is playable on a stand alone DVD player. Is it possible? Can anyone suggest a software or maybe a guide how to do this conversion?

Also, I would like to know of some sites that offers downloading highres pictures of sports including WWE, even if a have to pay something. Any suggestions are welcome and highly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

the easiest way I can think of to make a ppt presentation play on a stand alone dvd player would be to open the file in power point, save the slides as .png’s (file>save as>select “PNG Graphics Format” under the save type dropdown menu>save>select “every slide” from the popup) this creates a folder with every slide in the ppt file saved as image files. you can then add these images into a burning program that will let you create a DVD or VCD photo slide show (Nero vision is one) using this method you will lose all animations and transitons though. Also, I recomend a DVD slideshow over VCD as the DVD will be higher quality (VCD is 1/4 the resolution) and DVD is usually more compatible too, but you can always try both to see which one works out better for you

for the high-res pics, try a google image search and choose to view large images only, just remember that if you are using the images for comercial purpouses you need to check if the images are copyrighted, and if they are you must get permission to use them

I know there are apps to do that. Google for them.

Yep that’s correct there are quite a few out there! “Powerpoint to DVD” programs and some of them work very well. :iagree:

presentation to video converter for example. it can convert ppt and pps files to dvd format and burn to cd or dvd automatically

haha scratch my method :doh:

I’m gonna have to snag some of that software for making a dvd slideshow of vacation pics :iagree:

Another simple and no cost method is to use “Pack and Go” for older versions of PowerPoint and “Package for CD” (under the file menu) for the latest version. This will create a series of files in the folder you select which can then be burned to any CD or DVD and run on any computer. You may need to first download the PowerPoint Presenter from the Microsoft Web Site. The computer on which the show is run does not have to have PowerPoint installed - will only work on a computer, not a DVD player.