Poweroff dvd/cd drive laptop

I’ve read all those sf3 things. And i successfully managed to get TrackMania working on my server. But hey its a server. That’s not for games. So i want to run it on my laptop (much faster) but i don’t have the option to disable the ide laptop drive, or how to power it off. Is there any other solution. Because the starforce nightmare doesn’t work.

Starforce 3 - Trackmania Sunrise
Sfcure - SfafSB - SFnightmare = working game on my server (amd 1600+)

Acer Aspire 1660
2.8 ghz
1 Gb ddr
ati radeon 9700 pro

Is there a way to disable the drive, so starforce won’t detect it anymore? becaue i now everytime get the error, insert disc in correct drive.