Poweriso burning failed (-110, 98769827)

i’m having a problem trying to burn a legit copy of windows vista using PowerISO 4.4. during the burning process when PowerISO is finalizing the media, it takes about 30 minutes to complete. upon completion, i get two error messages one saying there was an error finalizing the media, and another saying: burning failed (-110, 98769827). this is the second time that this has happened. can somebody please tell me what the error messages mean and what i can do to correct these errors? thanks.

Hi HoodWizard2009 ad welcome to CDFreaks :slight_smile:

The error finalizing the media is about not being able to close the writing session - a process required when you are not writing multiple sessions on the same medium.

It might be that your disk is readable afterall, regardless of the error. Have you tried to see whether it is readable?

As a quick remedy, i would start by using a different brand of blank media. I am not sure what you are using now but Taiyo Yuden media or Verbatim (usually from MCC) are good quality media.

Of course one could not rule out that your original iso file has problems, so it could help if you would produce a new iso file from your original windows DVD.