Powering Up PC via USB

Hi everyone.

I have recently found that I can turn on the PC via a double click of the mouse which is plugged into the back of the pc mobo via the PS2 round port.

I then went and plugged in the mouse to the usb ports and it will no longer power up the PC.

I have enabled USB support in BIOS and enabled mouse power up by double click in BIOS.

The reason is I intend to move the tower to another room and would have liked to turn on the PC without having to go into the room and push the buttons. Hence the double click on the mouse.

At the moment all I can think of is using an PS2 extension cable to the mouse.

It would be easier though to plug the mouse into my USB HUB. Trouble is it won’t turn on the PC from there.

Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. Maybe there is another setting in BIOS that I am not aware of… ??

Oh… I have activated the keyboard support and now when I press the sleep button it puts the pc to sleep. Keyboard is plugged into the back of the PC though.


any suggestions please ???

Problem solved… set the numeral 1 as a password after enabling keyboard in Bios. Now all I do is press number 1 on the keyboard and the system boots up… cool…