Powering an LG GSA-5160D with 12VDC?

Does anyone on this forum know how to do this? I need to run the drive off a 12VDC gel-cell and do not want to use an inverter. Email to tourtelot@speakeasy.net. Thanks.

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What’s a 12VDC gel-cell? :slight_smile:

A gel-cell is a rechargable, larger aH sealed lead acid battery. They get used in things like motorized wheelchairs, golf carts and in my case, to power a large group of remote recording devices for use on motion pictures.

Oh, I also have them and if such things were possible, let me use them as well! :bigsmile:

Hm… I need to have additional batteries for that power wheelchair. Such batteries used for DVD writers can save me some money as well.

This is my PC used here.

If those can be all connected using separate power source, I can use the slim-PC power supply instead of those expensive 550-watt or 450-watt PSUs.