PoweRec settings, where are they stored?

Where are the PoweRec settings stored? Not the software settings but the settings that control the drive itself? I assume in the registry somewhere? The reason I ask is because I had the PoweRec enabled in latest Nero, must have been done by default, and the setting carried over into another burning program? So I assume it’s a modal command, once turned on it won’t turn off until recommanded to do so! This leads me to believe there must be a registry setting somewhere not just a software configuration setting. I would like to find this hive, BTW I don’t use PlexTools so it is not even involved!!!

PoweRec settings are stored in the drive itself. By default it will always be enabled but some software apps like Nero (and of course PlexTools) can disable it. But, once the software is closed, PoweRec will be re-enabled again.