PoweRec from 12x directly to 4x?


I completed my first DVD burn with my 716A 1.06 TLA0304 on TDK +R 8x media (ID 002, Rev. 00). I started with the “Media Quality Check” button which said the disc was good for writing at 12x. (It was stated on another PlexTools page that the media is 8x but the drive rates it 12x). I left PlexTools open and burned with Nero at 12x.

The 716 began at 12x but not long afterwards it dropped in speed (PoweRec I guess). And as it took 16 min to finish the burn (full 4,38 GB disc) I assume it went straight to 4x. Is this possible or very unusual? Would it first drop to 8x and then 4x?

Any explanations?

Here are the scans (all at middle accuracy, 2x):
Avg Max Total
PIE 1.20 54 172299
POF - - 0

Avg Max Total
PIF 0.03 3 3783
POF - - 0

TA inner (not good **)
TA middle (good ***, outer is the same)

burst [notice the scale]
Avg Max Total
PIE 1.28 62 183801
POE 0.28 431 40818

In Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.74, the 716A produces a smooth reading graph, while my AOpen 1648 AAP doesn’t read the disc faster than 4,85x :frowning:

This is the CD/DVD speed disc test with aopen:

General Information
Firmware: 1.02
Disc: DVD+R (TDK 002)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 279
Average: 75.57
Total: 338548
PI failures
Maximum: 33
Average: 0.48
Total: 2152
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 5.3 %
Average: 4.68 %
Scanning statistics
Elapsed time: 5:05
Number of samples: 4480
Average scanning interval: 32.02 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

Is this a coaster?

@weaker. Think you are right with your Power Record kicking in. The way I normaly check this is by doing a Plex tools Write transfer test on the media, (noticed you didn’t post one) This is a good way to tell if the disc will burn at the requested speed. If you check simulate in preferences nothing will be written to the disc. HTH. :slight_smile:
Edit: Don’t think it’s a coaster, but I have no Idea what ECC the AOPEN scans with and your Plextools scan is under the PIF limit.

AFAIK the AOpen scans at 32 ECC and all PIF spikes in the Nero CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality scan are within the “green” area. Obviously this isn’t as precise as scanning at 1 ECC like the Plextor, but as you said the Plexor Sum1 scan is also within limits (PIF maximum <= 4).

DrageMester. Good to know. Thx for the info. :slight_smile:

what’s the MID of those TDK 8X DVD+Rs? all the ones i have are CMC MAG E01 and can’t be oversped at all (i.e. 8X max).


I’m having the same thing happen to my 716UF w/ firmware 1.06 (originally TLA#0304 March 2004, bought from newegg.com) and Verbatim 16x DVD+Rs I also bought from newegg.

I did one test disc w/ CD Speed when I had firmware 1.04. PR was on and the disc didn’t even start at 12x like I set it to. Went from 6x to 4x almost immediately, then stayed there the rest of the way.

Since I upgraded to fw 1.06, I’ve tried simulated Write Transfers at 12x in Plextools. Half or more of my 25pk of Verbatim 16x drop to 4x or 6x soon after the start of the burn. Only some make it to 12x, and so far all of those finish at 8x or below at the end. :confused:

I thought these MCC004 Verbatims were better media than that. :confused:

I think with any media a single disc from a batch just may differ in quality. Like I was saying earlier I usually do a write transfer. This is a scan I did some time ago from a batch of YUDEN000 T02 that will write at 16x on the Plex 716A, Set the write tranfer for 16x and this is what I got:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=939427&postcount=718 Next disc out of the same cake box went right to 16x. Looks to me like Power Record did it’s job and lowered the speed.

i agree…as much as batch codes can tell you, the variance between individual discs is so arbitrary it’s painful.

I have TDK -Rs rated at 8x that burn at 12x.

weaker your PlexTools PI/PO scans show no problems so it’s not a coaster and in fact, it looks like a very good burn. The slow downs you experiences are most likely PoweRec kicking in. If you want, you can disable PoweRec via PlexTools and see if the disc can now be burned at full speed. I personally wouldn’t recommend though to keep PoweRec disabled since it’s part of the drive’s quality measurements and with it disabled you risk getting a coaster.

I encountered the very same issue with TDK-002-00 discs: jump from 8x to 4x due to powerrec, with an awful asymmetrie graph at that point:

Barely readable for Toshiba DVD-ROMs at the indicated location…

same here.TDK Medias fall down from 12x to 4x!
Same thing on plus and minus TDK

Wow, lots of answers. Thank you all.
The media code is only TDK-002-00, there wasn’t more info in plextools :confused:

G@M3: I know that from zevia’s rating this is something like a very good burn. But for me a very good burn must be read from a DVD drive without slowdowns.

Alexnoe: why do you get the spike with PR on and not with PR off. Is the spike the result of speed switching?

Here is the beta/jitter graph (16ECC). It shows a beta spike like alexnoe’s but no jitter spike.

this is TDK 8X-R (TTG02)…PR didn’t like this disc either even though both the sum1 & sum8 scans were ok (haven’t done a beta/jitter scan yet):

Alexnoe: why do you get the spike with PR on and not with PR off. Is the spike the result of speed switching?
It’s more a result of a problem with power rec. There are plenty of drives which can reduce write speed if the disc doesn’t seem to be good enough (like LG 4163B, NEC 3500, Pioneer A08/A09), and none of those is fuxoring the disc at the point where it spins down… not even my PX712 is doing that. Only the PX716 has that problem

I see that this is pretty common. I must have a really bad batch or something because, like I said, most of my 25 pk of 16x Verbatims starts off at 6x or 4x. I wasn’t expecting that many bad discs in one spindle. :eek: