PowerDVD -> TV = Widescreen display in widescreen TV

Normally when you play a widescreen DVD with a widescreen TV, it takes up the entire screen on your widescreen TV. However, when I have my computer hooked up to my TV and played using PowerDVD, there are a couple inches on the top/bottom of pure black (you have the same effect when you play a widescreen dvd on a non-widescreen tv).

The TV shows a 480P signal, the video card is a 6600GT OC w/ a special cable that sends the HD output using component.

Anyone know what to do? The PowerDVD support is pure crap, they want $$ to talk on the phone.

Couldn’t say. Sounds like PowerDVD doesn’t KNOW that you have a widescreen output device. shrug Just one more reason to try WinDVD. :wink:

I did the PowerDVD trial until it ran out, then bought it. A little late now lol :frowning:

I really liked the ability to watch a DVD from my hard drive. It didn’t appear any others could do that.

Just installed the WinDVD trial and I have the exact same issue!!! I am using the BFG 6600GT OC video card. HHHEEEEELLLLPPP

Sounds like a deficiency in the nVidia drivers, or a video card problem them. Have you tried asking on an nVidia forum?

This is the only place I have asked, but I will see if I can find an nVidia forum.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well think about this. It only happens when I watch a movie, when it shows my desktop and such, I have no issues with the widescreen stuff at all.

That makes me believe that there is a direct issue with the software playing the movies.

BFG support said they heard of a non-supported program that might do the trick, but couldn’t say what the name is. Anyone heard of that?