PowerDVD problems

I have PowerDVD 4.0. The software was working fine. I could play all DVD video files on my HD (that I DVD Decrypted and DVD-Shrinkdified). However, since I installed my new 300GB HD I cannot play any DVD video files from either HD.

I have tried playing the original files that I ripped from DVD Decrypter. I also tried playing the 4.7GB files from DVD Shrink. No luck for either.

When I go to open the files, I select all the files in the VIDEO_TS folder that DVD Decrypter creates. Should I open all of them, or just the Video_TS VOB file? Same question for the files made via DVD Shrink…should I open all the files or only the last VTS_01 VOB file.

What am I doing wrong?


Remove/reload PowerDVD. The addition of the slave HD should not affect PowerDVD. Make sure you partition the slave HD as an extended logical partition.

If the VIDEO_TS folder is good, then clicking on it will start the movie. You can also click on individual VOB file.