PowerDVD problem..Dell 700m



Hello out there, I just got my new 700m from Dell and I have a few questions that maybe someone could give me some help with. The version of PowerDVD that came with my system, is it like a really basic version? I cannot find any way to open DVD’s that I have ripped to my HD. The player itself uses a Windows Media edition-type interface, and the only way that it will recognize a movie is by putting a disc in. There are no menus at the top of the screen either, any help would be appreciated.


I know that the powerdvd software that came on my Medion pc was crap… I never could get it to work very well. I have two dells (8400 and xps), and the Powerdvd works fine for playing dvd’s…


Yes, it is probably the basic version, But you should be able to right click on the screen and get some options.


Is it Pwr-DVD 4.x? This seems to come bundled with new Dell’s even though 6 is out, and 5.x was around for years (deluxe version, not sure about basic). Normally there is a selection of button’s along the bottom of the PDVD pane, where you can select ‘open dvd from HD’. I am not familiar with the Media Edition interface, are you saying there are no buttons at all?