PowerDVD & PowerProducer

I just installed an internal LG drive, model GSA-H55L. And the software, CyberLink PowerDVD (V7) & PowerProducer (3), and Nero 7 Essentials. I bought the version with software because I had no DVD software. PC is a Dell P4, 2.66GHz, Windows XP, SP2.

First problem is that I cannot play a DVD using PowerDVD. A DVD-R plays a few frames (video & audio), stumbles, plays a few more, stumbles, etc. The DVD-R I recorder with a stand alone recorder. I also tried a commercial DVD which just locks up after a few frames.

I also tried to transfer the DVD-R to my hard drive using PowerProducer so that I could try editing out commercials. But I can’t seem to get PowerProducer to work. I click on Import, an Open window comes up & I then choose the DVD drive. VIDEO_TS then displays in a box. But I can’t seen to get beyond that. I cannot Open it, cannot enter it as the file name. Nothing.

I can play audio CDs. I also did search this forum & it seems like PowerDVD works for just about everyone. So there must be something simple I am missing.

Any & all help, comments & suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

I got PowerDVD to read DVDs. I tried a whole lot of things, but I had to go into BIOS and change it. It was set to Off. I figured if CDs played then BIOS has to be correct. But it prevented me from enabling DMA for the drive.

I still have to get PowerProducer to cooperate. I get it to access video files, but after I click on Import it takes forever for the hour glass to stop. I then get a small still picture from the start of the file, but I can’t do anything.

Any suggestions?
Any editing software that is recommended?

Power Producer isn’t really known as a good video editing software. Look at Pinnacle Studio, Ulead Studio, Vegas Movie Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, and there are some free ones as well…

I had the same problem , same burner, had to redownload sigma tel audio driver so chances are its either your audio or video driver causing the program shutdown. Make sure antivirus is off as well.