PowerDVD Plays Blu-Ray Audio, but no video!



Title says it all. I have AnyDVD HD installed, and the PowerDVD suite that comes with the LG SuperMulti Bluray/HD-DVD drive. The movie will play, but no video shows. I recently installed the CCCP Codec pack.

Anyone know what’s going on?


Please also tell us your OS, and your video card & monitor.

I understand that Vista has a “protected video path” which may blank out the video, or downgrade it, if the video card, video card driver, and monitor are not HDCP compliant.

Also, how do you connect the monitor to the monitor? DVI-Analogue, DVI-Digital, DSUB15 (the old blue one with 15 pins) or HDMI?



Intel Core2Duo e6600
ASUS P5B Deluxe
WD Raptor 74 GB 10K RPM
Maxtor 320 GB 7200 RPM
2 x 2 GB PC-6400 Patriot RAM
ATI X1900XT 512 MB
Audigy 2 ZS
Antec P180 w/ 600w PSU
Hannspree 27.5" LCD Monitor

I have Windows XP Professional. I connect the monitor with a DVI-HDMI cable (DVI connects to video card, HDMI connects to monitor).


bump. help please


Did you update PowerDVD? What version do you have?


PowerDVD 7.3


It says: You are currently using PowerDVD BD+HD 2CH version




Okay, I installed the newest video card driver and now blu-rays play flawlessly. However, HD-DVDs play, but they stutter constantly. It isn’t smooth at all. Anyone know the verdict on this one?


Ok one problem fixed (blu-ray) and one to go (HD DVD). :wink:

If blu-ray plays perfect, no stutters, then your system is good for hidef overall.

If HD DVD stuters (while Blu-ray is OK), my guess will be: the HD DVD disc, or the settings in PowerDVD (for HD DVD or general eq audio, video etc).

Do you have any specific use of CCCP?


Okay, I just tried out The Gotham Knight on blu-ray, and that one is starting to stutter as well.

This is my theory: Every HD-DVD I have tried stretches the frame out to completely fill up my monitor. This is the same for The Gotham Knight. These are the only ones that are stuttering. Terminator 2 and Layer Cake on Blu-ray do not take up the full screen, and do not stutter. Does this mean I need a better video card to render the movies better?


Do you have hardware acceleration enabled in PowerDVD?


Yes, I do.


Can you increase the buffers in powerdvd?
Maybe it’s set up for DVD (much lower bitrate).


No I don’t see anything like that in the configuration. It seems like everything is set to optimal performance settings.


What’s the cpu utilization when it starts to stutter?


PowerDVD.exe is using about 75% average of the CPU. The total CPU usage goes up to about 90-95%.


That’s too high. Doesn’t seem like hardware acceleration is working on your setup. If you turn hardware acceleration off and try the same disc again, can you check to see if the CPU utilization changes.


Everything is about the same. I think maybe the PowerDVD is using up a little less with hardware acceleration off. But CPU usage is definitely the same.


Yea, that’s bad. It’s an indication that while hardware acceleration may be turned on, it’s not working. Hence the problems. That’s a much older card. I would recommend upgrading to something a bit more modern. Something at least in the 3xxx series which can be found quite cheap these days.