PowerDVD Playback Error

In attempting to play (multiples) DVD (s) or single (s) dvd (s) files ripped to my HD, I receive this notification:

Error Code: 8004027B

DVD-Video playback graph could not be built due to insufficient decoders.

I try to use some differents players for playback ( normally, I use PowerDVD, my favorite one) them and see what does it happen.

MPC crash and the only one which can reproduce the files are ZoomPlayer.

Well, I reinstall Power DVD and the images works normally, finally.

But, despite of that, the sound are very terrible now: video play nice, but the sound are no good. It seems that sound fails in playing after some miliseconds, trembling, very similar a “cough” or “choking”.

More strange: when I open the single files using Windows Media Player version ( i’ve instaled MPEG decoder too, like DScaler), the video and the sound are reproduced perfectly.

Does anybody knows what is going on here with the sound and my player (s)?

How is this situation could be remedied?

PS 1: if I’m have some problem with my sound/video Directshow Filters / codecs, how to solve it? How to fix all the conflicts?

PS 2: ffdshow doens’t work on my system too. It crashes when I activate it to decode some file types, like MPG-2. :Z

Thanks for help.

devil (johner)