PowerDVD Issue - Blank Screen, even though dvd is running

i have an old thinkpad that i got from my brother. he also recently gave me powerdvd, which i installed. i haven’t had a problem with it until now.

i got the chappelle’s show season 2 dvd set, and that worked fine, but when i try to play the CS season 1 dvds, it doesn’t play. more specifically, the comedy central logo comes up and the warning screens, but when it goes to actually play the dvd, the window goes black. however, the disc is still running (the timer is going, etc.). i’m not sure if this is significant, but it also says title 9, chapter 2, which doesn’t seem right. [initially i thought it might be a defective dvd, so i exchanged it for another one - no luck.]

has anyone had this issue? or a similar issue? thanks.