Powerdvd freezing problem

Whenever I watch a movie in powerdvd it will freeze an hour or two into the movie. I can’t kill the process in the task manager window. I click end process on powerdvd.exe and the dialog box comes up and i tell it to end the process but it doesn’t go away and i have to restart my computer if i want to do anything else on it. Anyone have any ideas?

That sounds ugly! Though PowerDvD likes to do ugly stuff I’ve never had this (for me it only froze right after start or didn’t find the disc). So I was thinking:

Which PowerDvD you have? What type of disc is the dvd (rom, rw, r, +/-)?
And how old is the disc and player… and your Windows?

After the answers I might figure out something for you! I’m sure it can be fixed! :wink:

Have you tried different DVD’s or just the one DVD?

I have the same problem with PowerDVD 7.0 Trial version, but [U]I can[/U] close the process from systray. Often, the problem is in the same point of the DVD and it happens with different DVDs. I have the lastest drivers of all components and DirectX (9.0c).
The version is the lastest (downloaded on Agust 3 '06).
Intervideo WinDVD 7 works perfectly.