PowerDVD and all that



A question for those who can cast their mind back a few years…
I have a Pentium machine actually fitted with a K6 400 MHz chip. The best DVD player I could find to run on that machine was PowerDVD v2.55 - anything else and the sound just breaks up and has been working fine until…

I recently got my nice new DVD burner and installed all sorts of software (DVD-RAM driver, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, Daemon Tools, upgraded Nero,…) and now PowerDVD won’t display the GUI front panel (although it is there in the taskbar) - just the screen. I’ve uninstalled v2.55 and installed v4 which is OK but for the old issue with the sound - and I have re-installed v2.55 and the problem is still there. I’ve uninstalled most (may be not DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink yet) of the new software, but without success.

Does anyone remember this issue and how to resolve it? I’m running w2k.