PowerDVD 7 problem

Ive upgraded to powerdvd 7 from 6.

now i cant view dvd’s from my hard drive. when i browse folders ok is greyed out. this was working fine with version 6.


All I can think of is that you did not do a clean uninstall of the previous version. I have not had any problem, but I always do a clean uninstall before upgrading any software.

clean uninstalled and installed again. still have the same problem.

I’ve also had this problem. I played around with the program for a while and worked it out.


  1. Open PowerDVD and click on the select source button. Click “Open movie file on hard disk drive.”
  2. This will bring up the Browse for Folder dialog box.
  3. Say you have a music DVD called Test Group, which is located in C:\DVDS\Music\Test Group\Video_TS. If you navigate straight to the Video_TS folder where the DVD files are stored, it will not work. However, if you highlight the folder before Video_TS, namely, Test Group, the “OK” button will become clickable.

I suggest that you use a naming scheme like this to store movies in your HDD, and always create a Video_TS folder inside the last folder. If you are ripping the DVD’s from discs (which is probably what you are doing), some programs will create a Video_TS folder for you.

Hope this fixes your problem, it worked for me.


Your correct. I found out last night powerdvd 7 requires the TS folders.

Problem solved.