PowerDVD 6 not playing my DVD

Today after making a Ghost image of my PC I dug up my unused copy of PowerDVD 6 Deluxe and tried to install it. I have been using PowerDVD 5 Deluxe in the past and the software worked perfectly.

I uninstalled PowerDVD 5 and then installed PowerDVD 6. The installation appeared to complete successfully and I could launch PowerDVD 6 and input the activation key.

I then insert a DVD (it was one of the DVDs from the Star Trek Voyager series, Region 1) and attempted to play it under PowerDVD 6. The DVD drive (a Plextor PX755A) lights blink for some time and then PowerDVD displayed a blue screen with a message like “Region setting incompatible with disc” (I forgot the exact wording but it was like this) no matter how many times I tried. The Region setting is 1 in PowerDVD so I am at a loss to understand.

I immediately restored my Ghost image and then played the same DVD using PowerDVD 5. As I expected the DVD played perfectly.

I do not know what exactly is the problem in PowerDVD 6 which caused this problem. Does anyone here have a clue? I am using Windows XP Professional SP2 and DVD Region+CSS Free in conjunction with PowerDVD.

If PowerDVD has these kinds of problems then I will not spend any more money to upgrade. :a I know PowerDVD 7 has just been released but at this point there is no point in upgrading.

Any help or insight will be appreciated. :bow: