PowerDVD 5, where the enter numbers?

I have just bought PowerDVD 5 and that they just send me the code to make the PowerDVD free of use. The question is i dont know where I have to enter the code. Can anyone tell me where i can enter this code? :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

My code was entered on the setup of the program. But i got mine bundled with my Motherboard.

The one that I got is from the internet (Trial).

Is there a “Retail” download version.

Try re-installing the freeware version, it will probably prompt you for a reg code during the install. This is fairly typically of 30day trials…also, you could wait for your 30 days to expire, it will then prompt you to submit your valid reg code.

That said, you boght the product legal…so you could just call customer support with your VALID reg code and ask a friendly hell desk operator to walk you through the “click here / reg here” part…:slight_smile:

I got the code in, Thankz for all the help.

Now i got another question, I am playing a vcd with 2 audio plaing at once how can i get it to play 1 audio only “PowerDVD 5.0 Build 1130”. I tryed to press the kareoke botton to left, right and both but all of them keeped on playing with 2 audio “english and cantonese”. Can anyone help me slove this problem?



Yeah, I don’t think you can switch between the VCD audio tracks w/ PDVD5. Looks like the 1130 didn’t fix the problem either. You can try another software DVD player to see if can change VCD audio tracks. I use my el cheapo $50 DVD deck for VCDs.

I am sure about that, my old PowerDVD xp 4.0 was able to change audio tracks for vcds. Is there some other ways that we dont know how to change it?

I have tryed another version CyberLink PowerDVD 5.0.0603.
There was another problem with it, that problem is the sound. I turned my spearker to max and the bar on powerdvd and still no sounds. When I play it with Windows Media Player its fine. Is it the softwares problem or is the some settings to change?