PowerDVD 5 Issue's with Screen Saver!

Has anyone experienced what I have been trying to resolve??
I purchased a new LiteOn 1673s DVD Burner and it came with Nero 6.3. and PowerDVD 5. The Nero is performing without a hitch. After installing the PowerDVD 5, the only way any of my screen savers will auto-start is if I set the time to (1 Minute). Which of course is rediculous. I have been in contact with there Email help service and followed all of there instructions. They had me remove PowerDVD 5, clean the Registry, upgrade my Video card and suggest I set my LCD Monitor on 16 Bit instead of 32 Bit and then reinstall the software and then go to there website and download a 9MB patch. Well, I did all of that and there is not change. I am awaiting a reply from them now to see what other kind of a goose chase they send me on. I absolutly will not even consider buying there upgrade to Version 6. If they can’t get this to work I would have a hard time trusting there software at all. Please, does anyone have any ideas?? Maybe some other brand software that would do just as well or better?
Thanks to all; Pop’s

Well, PowerDVD 5 got back to me with there solution. They instruct me to go to there web site and upgrade to the next version, which would be PowerDVD 6. Of course I would have to buy that. In the meantime, I did figure out what there bug was and have the Version 5 running the way it is supposed to without any isssue’s with the screen saver. Maybe they will pay me for the fix to there problems. HA HA.
Regard’s; Pop’s

Can’t understand why you would use a scrensaver in the first place, they cause problems. FYI LCD’s do not suffer from burn in, if that is the reason you are using one.

jtzbinnice; Thank you very much for your input, much appreciated.
I do have an LCD, but was not aware of no burn in. The main reason for doing the post was to just vent a little I guess. It is just very irritating to get a piece of software that creates problems and the vendor does not have customer service which will help to resolve problems that they have created. I have never had any issue’s with screen savers in the past 10 years and this just kind of baffled me until I finally figured out how to take care of it. The Vendor did explain that by upgrading to the PowerDVD 6, that this issue had been resolved. My point is, I do not feel as a consumer that I need to purchase another piece of software to reslove an issue which is there responsibility. If my vehicle does not run properly, I do not have to purchase the next model up to resolve its issues. I do realize most software and hardware never is up to par out of the box. Maybe someday this will change and all vendors will be held accountable for there goods. Again, no offense to anyone, just needed to see if someone had encounterd this type of problem.
Regard’s; Pop’s


No offense taken on my part. I am very reluctant to upgrade with software, many times I feel the programs size has swelled and offers few features that warrant the upgrade. It would have been easy for them to create a patch that works, not a 9 MB that doesn’t, but business wise the upgrade is more beneficial to them then to you. You have the right to vent, but keep in mind that’s the way most companies are run these days, not just Cyberlink. It just seems that nobody these days gives a $$it about their job, the same holds true for the companies, you are just a number and very replaceable. Their priorities are keep the shareholders happy, and lets not forget the absurd bonuses they believe they so well deserve while their employees stand on the unemployment line.

Many of the big companies buy the smaller efficient competitors; soon thereafter the smaller company goes down the crapper, why you ask? Because there is no more control of how it conducts its business, just blends in with the inefficient bureaucracy of the parent company.
Sorry, got carried away, now that I vented I feel better. Think I’ll go speak to some folks in India for tech support with some issues I’m having with my Sony TV.

itzbinnice; Very well put. Yes it is a shame how many of our jobs and products are farmed out and not in the U.S., although, I will have to say that technology is moving so fast it is hard to keep up. Now we both feel better after venting. Thanks for the moral support.