Powerdvd 5, Alcohol virtual drive problem

Hi. I got a problem i’m hoping someone here can help me with. I just deleted everything off my drive and reinstall. Anyway, i got Powerdvd 5, alcohol 1.46.711 installed. when i mount a movie on the alcohol virtual drive and play it on Powerdvd goes really fast. Like less than a minute to go thru a 40 mins svcd/vcd. I was wondering if i’m missing some settings or driver to make powerdvd play the virtual drive normally? any help would be appreciated.

just my two cents but powerdvd 5 did have the vcd bug in it …you had to download the newest updates to it …not sure if that will fix your problem or not …but i know it needs that update to play vcd right

I did install the patch but still had that prob. Gave up and went back to powerdvd4xp for now. np with 4. powerdvd 5 seems to play my virtual drived movie at 200x heh. anyway, i’ll try again after their next update/patch and hope whatever it was i have has been fixed.

I suggest using WinDVD 5 instead of PowerDVD 5. It has a much better picture.