PowerDVD 4.0 menu/chapters access problem


i have a big problem with PowerDVD 4.0, maybe linked to Nero

i have tried to burn a dvd i recorded from tv using Nero 6.3. The process failed and while trying to fix the problem, i looked at the audio and video files of the dvd in the file explorer of Nero (as if i wanted to “copy on compilation” some of the tracks of a cd).

While in Nero, i clicked on one of the video files and PowerDVD opened that particular section of the movie (no “chapter” was encoded on that dvd). but it then became impossible to see the whole movie, i could only see the third part of it (the third video file i had opened through Nero). and this after happened for all dvds :frowning: …: when reading a dvd burned from tv, PowerDVD went immediately reading the third section/video file of the movie and stopped at the end of it. if i wanted to watch the first, second or fourth part of the movie, i had to go in Nero, select the dvd player and then the specific video file i wanted to see - ideally i would like to see them all in a continuous play, which happened before i used NEro to try burning a dvd.

i have tried to play manufactured dvds (with chapters) and there i can no longer access the menu with PowerDVD: when i click on it, a window reading “edit the playing list” appears. now, worse, i can no longer play any movie :sad: : when i click on play, the window “edit the playing list” opens.

i have probably done a mistake somewhere, could you please help me fix this problem?



i found it! although i had selected the good drive in the “configuration” menu of PowerDVD, it was not the same as the one selected when clicking on the PowerDVD control keyboard option “choose the source”… bye :wink: