PowerDirector USB won't capture sound to be played from DVD

For two-weeks I have been busting my bumm with a problem I’m having with PowerDirector USB. It won’t capture sound in such a way iit can be heard on my DVD player. Tech support is stumped. At this moment I have one question which logically I know the answer but may be wrong.

Is it possible for there to be a corruption on an OEM install disk which could cause the problem (mine only)?


is this a stand alone dvd player, or the dvd-rom in your pc?

I don’t know anything about the product in question, but maybe it captures audio to mp2 format instead of ac3, which, while it works in most standalone players, is not a part of the NTSC DVD specification, which only allows ac3 or LPCM. You could be in the minority that has a standalone that refuses to play mp2 audio.

Have you tried some of the other capture programs as I suggested on an earlier post…