PowerDirector 7 Ultra




I was wondering if anyone has experience with PowerDirector 7 Ultra (PD7U) video editing sw.
I have a Sony HDR-SR11 [high definition blu ray compatible] and uploaded video clips into pc. I used PD7U to edit and put together a movie for dvd. Since I don’t have a blu ray dvd burner yet, I set it to burn DVD-SP mode.
I had the default aspect ratio at 4.3.
I clicked on Burn to Disc and after a few hours it was done.
I took the dvd and tried playing it on a Sony DVD player and the video played okay except every now and then it would “freeze.”
Has anyone had similar problem and was able to solve it?
I contacted tech support and they suggested turning off virus protection, setting lowest video quality, and turning off any other resident programs but the problem did not go away.
I appreciate any helpful tips from users of PD7U. I know it is pretty new but may be someone has tried it?
My pc hw:
Intel dual core cpu 2.66GHz
300 GB harddrive SATA
GEforce 8400 GS video card
2 GB ram
Running on XP.



What is your DVD burner and DVD blank media you’re using? Those are important keys to a successful burning. Most of the problems are actually low quality media and at the part where the burn is bad your player might stutters or freeze.



I have an LG 20X Super Multi-DVD Rewriter GSA-H55L and I used a
Sony DVD+R media. I tried a Dynex DVD-R and it would even play on the DVD player.


Hi,[quote=want2know;2086839]I tried a Dynex DVD-R and it would even play on the DVD player.[/quote]Dynex is low quality media.
Your drive is picky about the media, so feed it with quality stuff like Verbatim.



I tried Verbatim but same results as with Sony discs. I do know that Dynex just worsens the problem.

Here is what I found:
If I do not use the Magic Clean or any enhancement features [tires to get rid of noise, shakes, does color balance etc.] , the pausing is reduced. One can test for this by viewing it in Movie mode.
Also, it does not seem to like mixed media sources, e.g. using HD, along with still shots and camera movie at lower resolution.
I also uninstalled Nero Photo Elite because that seems to come up whenever I tried to import pictures.
A list of what I tried:
Disconnected network cable, disable McAfee, exited Spybot: only resident programs left on are: Quick time, Intel Audio, & Sony’s Picture Motion Browser [PMB] if I turned off PMB, the burning process crashes. I tried both LP and SP video quality modes but same problems.

No solution yet:
There is actual “freezing” during playback on DVD player or the player thinks there is no disc. I am beginning to wonder if perhaps the dvd drive itself is malfunctioning and I will rule this out by swapping it out with a new one, say a Sony instead of LG. PowerDirector tech support offered no real solutions yet. Next week I will get the blu ray writer [LG GBW-H20L] and I will try it out.
I bought PowerDirector 7 Ultra because it was rated number 1 and it supports HD but it has been a disappointment so far. I have used Adope Premire Elements and Pinnacle as well but these required updates. I am getting an upgrade with HD capability for Pinnacle and I will let you know how it goes.


Just to follow up, below is what I sent Cyberlink Tech Support. In short,
replacing the LG drive with a new Sony fixed the freezing issue but there are a number of bugs I think in PowerDirector 7 Ultra.

To Cyberlink Tech Support:
I did all precautions suggested, e.g. turn off active resident programs like antivirus, remote mouse, etc. and used Verbatim and Sony discs [I have a Sony DVD player] but the problem did not get resolved.
If I turned off Sony’s Picture Motion Browser, PowerDirector crashes during burn process.
Through my own trial & elimination process I deduced to likely causes:
It turns out there are more than one problem:

  1. There the “frame freezing” which is caused by using Magic Clean especially the Lighting Balance process. If I do not use this it is ok.

  2. Crashing when I used Text insert at the end of the video clips. Especially when using the scrolling version e.g. credits with Cast, names etc. Also caused PowerDirector to crash when using 2 text inserts at the end of movie.

  3. Mixed media: suspect that PowerDirector does not handle this very well. Also really large video files.

  4. HW issue: Even when I removed these issue, I still had the Sony DVD Player to freeze or skip frames. At first I tried both Verbatim and Sony DVD discs but this did not solve this problem. The problem went away when I replaced the LG drive (GSA-H55L) with a new Sony DVD writer DRU-840A. LG drive might have been degraded over time.

Items 1 through 3 above I suspect are bugs? If so, will there be a patch eventually?