Power8 (Updates)



Power8 v1.0.0.0 July 21, 2012

This archive contains Power8 files only, no localizations included.
Unpack and run, no installation required


Change log:

[li] New About window;
[/li][li] New Icon and logo;
[/li][li] Fixed Now Power8 is able to start up and work even if Workstation service is shut down;


Power8 v1.0.1.0 has been released (8-4-2012)

[B]Download->[/B] Power8 v1,0.1.0

[B]Change log:[/B]

[li] [new] German localization;
[/li][li] [fixed] If you leave Power8 running for weekend and we will issue a new version this time, only one Update Notification window will appear (previously: 4-5);
[/li][li] [fixed] Exception in file system events handling when Power8 may unexpectedly crash when you work with network files or run an installer;
[/li][li] [fixed] XP: certain windows were not re-shown when expected;
[/li][li] [fixed] CTRL+Click on Main button will now always show Run dialog;
[/li][li] [fixed] 1 line in RU localization;
[/li][li] [fixed] W7: Power8 might crash when you just started it and switch from classic theme to Aero and vice-versa;
[/li][li] [fixed] W7: no black background when switch from classic theme to Aero and vice-versa;



Power8 v1.0.2.0 - (Sept 5, 2012)

[B]Download:[/B] Power8 v1.o.2.0

[B]Whats new:[/B]

[li] [new] Dutch localization;
[/li][li] [new] Italian localization;
[/li][li] [changed] Now we won’t add entries to P8’s own Jump List if the parent process of the launched one is started not by our user;
[/li][li] [changed] From now on, Welcome arrow will be hidden as only user moves the mouse over the main button;
[/li][li] [changed] Now all localizations are inside single file;

[li] [fixed] Fixed bug when trying to open folder for deleted item when it was previously put to Jump Lists:
[li] now we filter out these files also from P8’s Jumo Lists;
[/li][li] the exception is handled in the menu item click handler as well;

[li] [fixed] Couple of bugs in Pin/Unpin button:
[li] ArgumentOutOfRange exception when unpinning old items that would normally be filtered out as obsolete;
[/li][li] Now we handle exception if the (un)pinned item is not available at the moment of (un)pinning;
[/li][li] Now the pin icon will be shown for MFU children only, preventing user from trying to pin the unpinnable stuff;

[li] [fixed] Under extremely rare conditions, when an FS event for the folder comes at the same time with whatever way called Items evaluation for the same folder, two threads may reside at AddSubItem() at the same time. And if 1st thread’s Send() will be executed in parallel with 2nd thread’s FirstOrDefault -> here is InvalidOperationException thrown. Fixed now.