Power Tune PX880SA on Nero?



I have Plextor 880SA 1.12 and using PlexUtilities 1.3.0. Win 7 x64.

Here is test:

  • insert DVD-R
  • in PlesUtils I check PowerTune and select +4
  • open Nero and select image to burn

Now Nero offers all recording speeds. I find this is confusing as my old PX716 limited speed to 4x when using VariRec.

I did some basic tests and record quality is nearly (almost) identical, that’s why I think something is wrong…

Is this normal behavior for new Plextors to us any speed while PowerTuning ?


[B]Image 1 (above): [/B]Media Info
[B]Image 2 (above): [/B]PX880 PT4 6X
[B]Image 3 (above): [/B]PX880 PT0 6X
[B]Image 4 (above): [/B]PX716 VR4 4X


  • Recording on PX880 with PowerTune=0 is better than with PowerTune=4.
  • PX716 has the best quality anyway as VariRec=4 imposes 4x recording speed.

Test data:

  • This is a WII game, therefore it’s a binary not readable by windows/linux.
  • All media is from the same box.


  • Media quality is pathetic (even for 4x)
  • PowerTune has no effect in best case, or decreases record quality… !

Please someone with bit more experience comment this case …


VR4=VariRec set to 4
PT0 = PowerTune set to 0
PT4 = PowerTune set to 4