Power supply

Is it a difficult task to change my power supply’s fan ?

Because an employee at a computer store told me that even computer technicians don’t dare to open the power supply :confused:

Replace the power supply, not the fan. Unless you have some weird kind of case, it’s easy and cheap to do. Suggest an Antec Truepower model. The reason nobody messes with them is cause it’s not worth the trouble, and the problem may well be more than the fan.

The fan is not hard to change. I am a computer tech., and the reason why we dont bother replacing the fan on customer’s ps is that we bill $60/hour. At an hour to change the fan, you could have bought a new power supply. But…if you are willing to do it for the heck of it, give it a shot. It isnt hard and it is MUCH cheaper than buying a new power supply if you do it yourself.

Have fun :slight_smile:

The reason for this thread was to find out if the employee was trying to fool me… he told me that by opening the power supply’s case i was in danger of electrical shock and that’s why even technicians don’t open them.

He also offered me a used power supply for 20 euros :slight_smile:

Anyway my problem with the fan wasn’t very serious , it was just getting a bit noisy sometimes.I don’t know maybe i’ll change it if it gets worse later.

As long as you take proper precautions, such as grounding yourself to the case before touching anything in the ps, you will be fine. Sounds like he is just trying to scare you into not doing it so that he can get a sale on a power supply.

If you know what you are doing, changing the fan in a PSU is easy like kissing… I did it several times, all within (about) 15 minutes. There’s absolutely nothing to it.

I guess what your colleague means, is that there are big capacitators inside that can have quite a charge, even after the power has been disconnected. I don’t think you should worry too much about them, as they aren’t that big and it’s quite hard to touch their contacts…

Theoretically, you could discharge the capacitators. With the powercord unplugged, wire the green lead with any black lead of the big plug for your mainboard, while there’s some energy consuming device (a fan or a little light is ideal for this) connected to one of the 4pins molex connectors. That should do the trick :wink: