Power Supply question

I have a 250 Watt PS and was wondering if I upgrade to a 400 Watt will I have better results with writing with my Pioneer 107D / KProbe scans?

Every scan I do with Kprobe shows very high PI levels. ( >300 PI )

I read in a different thread someone upgraded there ps and had great results.

I have running:
XP Pro 512mb RAM
1.3 ghz Celeron
Pioneer 107D - Secondary Master
Liteon 411S - S. Slave
120 gb - First Master
60 gb - F. Slave
All DVD writing - CloneDVD (newest version)

Any info greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

It won’t help your burn quality or error scans, but it can sometimes solve a host of odd problems. It’s a cheap upgrade and there’s plently of good reasons to do it.