Power Supply Myths

I’m not an expert of PSUs, but this article seems interesting :bigsmile:


Nice cover story on the power supplies! Thanks for sharing…

[QUOTE=geno888;1957123]I’m not an expert of PSUs, but this article seems interesting :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]interesting advertising at least… :frowning:
This article is published by a PSU manufacturer.

Just sounds like a lot of PC Power propaganda to me.

At least the part about efficiency seems plausible…though this falls by the wayside when you start saying that this holds true 100% of the time.

For power supply reviews:

For questions about power supplies (they a few very knowledgeable people):

My … apparently … high quality PSU had a turbo mode to combine all 12V power rails into a single power rail.

Potentially, you can waste alot of your power allocation on multiple rails …
Although initially the argument was that you can minimise noise or similar.

We have a similar issue with some big transformers …

Power Supply Authourity want to give us 2x 1000KVA + 1x 500KVA trannies (@230VAC) … but mech services alone want 1800A … means you have to split up the loads & allow much high safety margin for startups… nyah … wasted capacity!

We just want one big 2000KVA tranny :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve previously chalked up the “multiple 12V rails is good” excuse to the same list as “Crumple Zones improve safety” list. It saves $$$ for the manufacturer rather than provides any real benefit to the customer.
I’ve always been of the … “just add some decent voltage regulation circuit to the single rail” camp … but of course, there is always some idiot ready to shout louder.

I can’t elaborate any on the technical merits of it, but I can say that as mciahel alluded to, anytime a manufacturer of a certain item hypes its own product, that kind of advertising is invalid and essentially commits a breach in terms of an intentional fallacy (i.e., the author of a book telling you what everything means). If this were presented by a tech expert at Consumer Reports, this would have been completely different in presentation and in endorsing a certain product.