Power Supply Issue or something else?

Just wondering your folks thoughts here before I spend money on something that may not be. Here is the situation. I have a Rosewill case with a Rosewill 400 Watt Power Supply in it. When I start the computer up I hear a bit of a (I guess you would call it…) grinding noise which eventually goes away after 15 seconds of so. When I’m playing a game like Need For Speed: Underground II for instance I’ll get kicked out to the desktop without a moments notice. My Radeon is running fairly up-to-date ATI drivers. Could this be a power-supply problem? I’m thinking the grinding noise might be coming from the fan on the Radeon if it’s not being supplied enough juice to start off with. Any thoughts / suggestions? If it is a power supply issue what power supply should I swap with? Might as well go for a 480/500 Watter for the next one if I need to swap out anyway. :slight_smile:

Do you have a monitoring program running and can you check the 5 volt and 12 volt rails to see if their dropping below the maximum 5%? It sure sounds like inadequate voltage. As far as power supplies, there are a number of decent ones out there and you will get a lot of different opinions as to which one is best. Fire up everything at once and check your voltages and it should show if you have any problems.

Thanks, Pipemanid. Believe for my Abit Motherboard they have monitoring software including. I’ll have to look and see how my power is fairing. I think last time I looked at the software my 12 volt rail was running at 11.77 volts so maybe under load that is dipping way to low to supply enough power to the ultra power hungry video cards we have today?

As far as good brand names to look for though which ones are generally good? I know Antec is good and I believe Thermaltake - any other names I can possibly trust out there? :slight_smile:

I just checked the Newegg site and the Rosewill 400W PS will output 18A on the 12 volt rail which is plenty for your setup. The video card fan could possibly be the problem is the GPU is overheating, and it would be easy to pull the side off of the case and check it out. As far as dropping down to 11.77 volts (+ -), that’s not too bad but it could be dropping more under heavy load. The max it should drop is 5% or 0.6 volts.
I personally like my Antec PS’s and they have been rock solid. Check out some sites on the web for PS reviews and see which ones fit your requirements and budget. If I could afford it, I would swap all of mine out for PC Power & Cooling but that would be about $1,000.

what do the offical spec’s on the side of your PSU say it delivers of the 12V rail? a P4 CPU sucks up about 9A by itself. if your current PSU isnt delivering at least 15A on the 12V rail I would consider replacing it.

His 2.4 P4 CPU draws somewhere between 59.8W to 66.2W which calculates out to approximately 5.5 Amps (±). As I noted above the PS is rated at 18A on the 12V rail.
It should be more than adequate if functioning properly.

Your assumption is based on the specs quoted on the Rosewell PS label. Hardly a crediable source. This PS’s popularity is based on price, and price only. The label specs should be taken with a grain of salt.

Brings back memories of the old in-dash cassette players rated at 100W per channel X 4… :wink:

I don’t remember any of the in-dash units rated at 100W/Channel X 4. It’s just been in the last 6-8 years that the power has been rated at 50W/Channel with the introduction of cheaper MOSFET’s. As far as PS specs, you have to start somewhere and determining the probable load based on the CPU power dissipation will at least give an indication of the PS’s ability to handle that load. There are a lot of variables involved and we can discuss this and, like economists, never reach a conclusion.