Power supply for a HP A1630N

Want to put in a HD graphics card power supply is a 300w would like to know if I can put in a 500w that will fit this with no mods
Thanks in advance for any help

I’m not sure that I understand your question, but if you are asking if you can upgrade your PSU to a 500W, you should be able to. Your original PSU should be a form factor ATX which you should be able to purchase another from you local parts store.

if you want a true answer , you must provide the model of your current psu (so ill be able to determine its form factor…) , just open up the case and check the psu sticker…

anyway on another issue , you should be aware that cheap psus have big potential to burn other parts when they fail (it could be a single part,a few,or even all except the processor) , cheap psus dont have any over voltage protections… , so i suggest youll get a quality psu it will save you alot of headache , if youll buy a cheap one it might be very expensive… in the long range , i can recommed a good psu if youll tell me your budget & country , anyway the best psu brands are:
pc power and cooling
fsp fortron

Yep, I have a Fortron and it’s stable and quiet (sometimes I don’t even know my PC’s on except for the HDD light :eek: ).

You will probably have to measure the size of the current power supply. In previous times at least, HP managed to squeeze their computers into small cases. That’s good, but there are disadvantages too.

My old HP Pentium 3 machine had a power supply that was “shallower” than a regular one. That is, it didn’t stick into the case as far as a normal one. I eventually installed a standard power supply into that computer but I don’t remember if I was able to squeeze it into the original case or not.

I got tired of the very noisy 8cm fan that was in a plastic duct that ran from the rear to the CPU heatsink. I eventually moved the whole computer into a standard size case and used a bigger (and slower) fan. Maybe that’s when I replaced the PS.

By the way Arachne, I have a Seasonic S12 power supply and I’ll bet it’s at least as quiet as yours :slight_smile: My computer is audible though, but that’s because of the fan I need to keep my hard drives cool.

Hehe, more than likely :bigsmile:…yeah, my PC’s just about audible too, but it’s the HDD that you can hear :eek:

I think most hard drives made today are quiet. Seagates may be an exception. I don’t know. My Western Digitals are very quiet and don’t emit much heat either. My Samsungs are good also.

I think most drives today have an adjustable seek acceleration. They can be set for quiet or speed. It’s called AAM, for Automatic Acoustic Management. About half my drives came set for speed and half for quiet. Being a quiet freak, I always set mine for quiet, if they don’t come that way.

If you can hear the “ratcheting” sound when it seeks, you may be able to change it so you won’t hear it. I use Hitachi’s Feature tool. It’s a DOS program you can boot from CD or floppy. I use it on my WDs and my Samsungs. I think I used it on my Maxtors also.

actually seagate hard drives are mostly very quiet , samsung even more , yep todays hard drives have AAM as you alredy mentioned , however it comes with a price if you set it low it makes seek times much higher means it lowers the hd performance quite a bit , i disagree on the western digital i had plently of em and believe me their so-so in the noise field some of em are very noisy

Perhaps I should have stated this differently as there are people here still speculating as to whether the PSU in the HP is a ATX or not. HP says that the PSU in that model is a ATX form factor.

EasterBunny, we will have to disagree. Drives keep changing of course, and it’s hard to keep up, so your mileage may differ.

I think the change in performance between AAM quiet and fast is generally pretty small and not something most people would notice. The change in noise level would definitely be noticed.

I believe today’s WD drives are among the quietest and coolest running of any drives. I have some Samsung 120 GB and they are indeed quiet, but my Western Digitals are even quieter.

When formatting, defragging or running a drive diagnostic, I can hear the Samsung rumbling, if I try. My Western digitals in the same situation are totally quiet.

There are other bonuses as well to running the WDs quiet. According to storagereview.com or maybe it was silentpcreview, I don’t remember, the WDs when set to quiet draw no more power when seeking than when not. This means their temperature doesn’t increase when they are working hard. This, along with less stress on the head mechanism, should give longer drive life.

yep i guess we will , i did notice it didnt like it so turned aam off , imho its better to have a truly quiet hd then having aam on

wd drives were quiet way back , as i alredy said their so-so these days in the noise field , youll get a quiet one only if youll get lucky , i have their 160gb sata2 hard drive and its very noisy when reading/writing espically when its alot of data , i also have their 80gb ide one which is very quiet , a friend of mine have their 80gb sata which is quite noisy , and if youll check the reviews on newegg on various wd hds and sort em by lowest rating and go thru the pages , youll see that there are plenty of ppl saying its noisy

as for the so called “bonuses” i’d say its a myth , and i honesly dont believe any hd temperature will be standing still when working hard cuz its simply ridicules and make no sense

Now I’m confused. Should I believe silentPCreview and my ears or the easterbunny? Maybe those that claim to test hard drives are just making up the numbers.

i never said all western digitals are noisy , i said some are and some arent , and i dont mean model depended i mean even on same model you can get a quiet or a loud one depends on your luck , that is based on my own & friends expirence , i read what ppl say about my 160gb wd sata2 before i bought it alot of ppl said its quiet i was just shocked after i plugged it in and heard how noisy it is , ok so you were right on the power drawing and i was wrong about that but do you honestly think that its gonna affect the hd’s life in any way? i doubt it

I bought two WDs of the same model number. One was quiet and the other had seek noise. I checked with Hitachi’s Feature Tool. The quiet one was set for quiet, the other was set for speed.

A few years ago I bought two Maxtors of the same model number. Again one was quiet and one had seek noise. Again the Feature Tool showed one set for quiet and the other set for speed.

In all cases, using the Feature Tool made them the same. Being a quiet freak, I made them all quiet.

The moral to the story is, the AMM seems to be set randomly when drives are shipped from the factory, at least for WD and Maxtor.