Power supply fan

So I am tired of those anoying power supply fans that don’t turn on till the power supply gets to like a billion degrees (antecs are real bad about not turning on). It’s the ideal place to suck out case heat (at the top back of the case)but neither my antec or my enermax push much air. I know I can tear the power supplys apart and mod them but I really don’t want to do that (I guess If I did I could add blue lights but I still don’t want to tear them apart). So I was thinking, they have 80mm fans on the rear, why not just mount a medium to high power 80mm fan on the outside of the case against the power supply to get some air flowing through? I’m not sure if it would cause problems with the internal fans or not? Anybody have any thoughts?

Can’t see a problem with that idea, other than how you physically mount it. After all you’re only sucking warm/hot air out.
Not too difficult to run the power to it, especially with one of the small 2/3 pin connectors.

The back fan on both my antec and enermax both have a wire fan grill attached by four screwshat look about the right spacing for a 80mm fan. MAybe I could go insane and attach that new thermal take 75 cfm can to it (or even beter chop a hole in the top of the case for the 90 cfm 120mm one I got).

I would go ahead and open it and connect the fan right to the 12v rail! Actually, it’s really easy to bypass the fan speed controller, but I would just go ahead and unplug the fan, and connect it to the 12v rail. You could do the same for the “fan only” connectors. The only thing I would watch out for is where the capacitors are, stay away from the circuit board!!! They can store a deadly charge, the capacitors are the two big can shaped things mounted to the circuit board. If you’re just playing with the fan, you should be OK, just stay away from the input side of the circuit board. If you leave it unplugged for a couple days it will discharge by itself. Most powersupplies theese days discharge fairly quick. Just make sure you have the power UNPLUGGED before you open it! You could cut the hole in the bottom out where the internal fan is and put a 120mm fan. Then you could just take the rear fan out, and leave the fan grill! That would cool your whole puter better. I know what you mean about the PSU fans not turning fast enough. I took the 120mm fan on my fortron, and bypassed the speed controller. It was easy, just a dab of solder! Anyways, putting another fan on the back isn’t necessary, and will just make more noise. Plus it will look ghetto! Good luck, hope it goes well! BE CAREFUL! :eek:

Yea it probably would look ghetto. I don’t really like the idea of tearing apart my power supplys but I guess that really would be the best way. On the antec I know that you can just bridge the wires for the tempature sensor. I’ll have to check out the enermax to see how it is conected.

Good luck bro!!!