Power Supplies - Who Makes It?

I’ve done some research and web cruising to try and put together a list of who makes what Power Supply. Obviously some suppliers require custom configurations for their branded supplies, but overall they are very similar to the base unit. If you see any errors please post them to this thread.

A+GPB- Topower
Akasa- Enhance
Antec- ChannelWell
Aopen- FSP Group
Aspire- Youngyear
Athena Power- Topower
Chiefman- Powmax
Chiefmax- Powmax
Chieftec- Sirtec
Coba- ATNG
Coolermaster- AcBel Polytech
Coolink- ATNG
Coolmax- ATNG
Demon- Powmax
Enermax- ChannelWell, Topower, Topower, Wintech
Enlight- Sirtec
EPower- Topower
Fortron- FSP Group (same company)
HighPower- Sirtec (same company)
Hi-Q- FSP Group
Hi-Val- Topower
Logisys- Youngyear
Lead Power- ChannelWell
Mad Dog- Topower
MGE- Youngyear
OCZ- Topower
PCMCIS- Topower
PC Power & Cooling- FSP Group
Powerman- FSP Group
Powmax- Ultra
Raidmax- Topower (XP Series)
Rosewill- ATNG (AP models), Youngyear (RE models)
Silverstone- Enhance
Sparkle- FSP (same company)
Startech- ATNG
SuperFlower- Topower (same company)
Tagan- Topower
Turbolink- ChannelWell
Thermaltake- Sirtec
TTGI- Topower (older ones), Youngyear (newer ones)
Turbolink- ChannelWell
Ultra- Wintech, Youngyear (X-connect ?)
Ultra X-Finity- Wintech
Vantec- Topower
XClio- FSP Group
Zalman- FSP Group
Zippy- ?

What about Seasonic? I usually use FSP or Enermax brand. Antec brand offers lower value.

If you have any info on Seasonic post it. The list wasn’t meant to be the final word, just a starting point and a source of info for an informed buying decision.

No info on Seasonic. Had a sample a few weeks back. Looks good on the test bench.

put url’s in it and make this a sticky!

I’m trying to assemble a list of URL’s now. It will take a while but I think it’s worth the effort.

I’ve had phenomenal results with Allied’s 500watt unit from newegg, http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc.asp?description=17-154-015&DEPA=0
It’s extremely stable, and cheap. I’ve used them in several high-end picky systems flawlessly.
Just noticed above the pic on newegg, it says “Apex”. Either way, they make me happy :slight_smile: