Power splitter?



Ok, basicly I have now run out of power supplies inside the computer, so I bought a “power splitter”, basicly what it does is splits the power from a internal power supply so it can power 2 drives.

It is called a “Akasa “Y” Power Splitter” and looks like this:

My worry is if the computer can cope, or is it drawing too much power, at the moment I have it powering 1 DVD burner and 1 CD burner, but both are rarely used at the same time.

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What watage is you PSU and what specs are your PC?



itz more a question of whether your power supply unit can cope.


looking at that image, it looks like its got its own built in power supply :stuck_out_tongue:


Its glow in the dark ;), I didnt see they stocked the ordinary ones…

Anyway basicly I have a 360 watt power supply, and the calc there says I need 392, is that going to be a major problem?

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I am running 2 120gig hdd, 2 dvd writers, 1 cd writer, 1 floppy,
add to that mobo , 2 pci cards and video card
and 2 fans off a 350watt psu with no problems…
but then again im not a big gamer
But the bigger watt psu the better as im looking @ a 450 silent psu just now


it’s more about the amperage on the 12v, 5v and 3.3v rails than the wattage of the PSU.


I was just giving an example as some 600watt psu are no better than some 400watt (and its watts they are sold by)
Have a look @ this although im not saying it is accurate
Power supply wattage calculator


Have a look @ this although im not saying it is accurate
Must be close, I used this one that g)-(osters posted:http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/ as well and they both said I need at least 300W.

it’s more about the amperage on the 12v, 5v and 3.3v rails than the wattage of the PSU.
Wattage Amperage and voltage are completely tied together in a PSU with 2 phase power. It is more accurate to measure PSU’s in wattage, as the amperage = wattage divided by voltage, not too mention you need Voltage and Wattage just to know what the amperage is. As Dallshead said its really important to get a good reliable brand. I’ve got an Aopen 250W and have no problems.


I was just checking this thread out and for kicks I tried Dallshead calculator. With what I have in my comp. it told me I need a 351watt or better. I then can testify that I’ve been running it all on only a 200watt for four years and have never had any problems with it. I guess if she goes she goes then I get a new one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Those voltage calculators usally estimate a little high (which is a good thing). The proper way to do it would be to find out the exact power consumption of every piece of equipment in your system buy I don’t know of many that do that (it can be very difficult to find the power consumption on some stuff. 3.3v is usally not a problem unless you have a motherboard that uses 3.3 volt to power the cpu and it is a very power hungry motherboard (like some ecs boards). If your motherboard has a 4 pin conector then it uses 12v for the cpu and you do not have to wory about the 3.3 (unless you have an abnormally low power or low quality power supply).
bcn_246, you have a 360 watt power supply. What brand is it? Also, look on the label.
What are the specs (3.3v, 5v, 12, is there a rated power for 3.3/5 combined etc).


lol@3amps on the +12v rail.


I did a quick google for a power supply label and didn’t find one so I checked what I had online. The only pic I already had uploaded was uploaded for a thread here seeing who had the wimpyest power supply or something like that. That little powerless turd came factory in an e-machines celeron computer. I run an antec sl400 and a pos 350w as power supplies in my main rig and a cheapo 450 watt in my other one.


hey ripit, did you have the most wimpy one in that thread? i’d be lol too at anything less than that one.


I couldn’t find the thread (maybe it was on another forum) but if I recall right, I had the lowest 12v but others had lower 3.3 and 5v. Overall, mine was not the wimpiest (believe it or not).


Or you could be like me and wire two 350 watt psu’s together for a combined 700 watts of power for my computer! See here


Your not actually combining the power are you? If so how? In other words, you are just running two power supplies independantly in the same case (and perhaps one turns on the other or something), right.


The both run at the same time and both turn on at boot up, but they are running separatly. you have to rewire four wires on the secondary psu. two of which allow to turn on without the motherboard, the other two so that it boots up at the same time as your primary psu.


I had heard that there was a way that you could combine power but it would eventually eat the power supply so I was wondering if you had a good way of doing that. I am running two power supplys in my main rig also but I made a little adapter so that I could just plug in any second power supply I want. It has resistors that can be adjusted via jumper to provide load to the 3.3 and 5 volt channels and has 2 5v 3 pin headers and 3 12v three pin headers (off the power that would normally be sent to the motherboard) for fans and such. You just plug a 4 pin molex off of the first power supply (to power the relay so the second one turns on with the first) and plug the 20 pin motherboard molex off the second power supply. My main is an antec sl400 (400 watt) and the second is a cheapo 350 watt (just powering lights and fans right now so I’m not woried about stable voltage). I would like to get a beter second power supply though. Here are some pics.
adapter (I am not sure if this is the final unit that I have installed or a prototype)
Right now, it is just velcroed to the bottom of the case.
I don’t have any good pictures of how it is now but here is a crappy one. It is taken sideways. You can see the antec at the top rear (with the little purple box) and the cheapo at the front bottom. The adapter is behind the bottom power supply but is kind of hidden by wires (I need to redo my cable managment).
Here is an older pic where you can kind of see where the adapters at