Power Point To Dvd

I have wonderful Power Point slide shows with music, how can I
extract pictures from it, or make DVD slide show.


you need this prog http://www.powerpoint-to-dvd.com
heres a guide http://www.videohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=222025

Thanks, I will try it.


Let me share my expirience with you.

After converting many PowerPoint presentations, I have yet to find an application that combines all the features I want into a package that’s priced in a budget that makes sense for most projects. The plug-in solutions generally copy most parts of a PowerPoint slideshow while failing to capture some transitions and completely bypassing any imbedded video, which is what makes screen recording an attractive alternative. For the best in class for the plug-in solutions, the Presentations to Video Converter app does the best job I’ve seen for a fairly pricey $199. One advantage to this app is the ability to convert PPT slideshows with or without PowerPoint installed on the converting PC.
And also there is feature to burn PowerPoint presentation to DVD, which is fery useful now for everyone.

Presentation To Video Converter