Power Point program on DVD

Is anyone aware of how to put a power point program on a dvd so it autoruns when put in a set top player? If you could tell me how or direct me somewhere on this it would be greatly apprecited, thanks


yeah, unless you have a standalone player that will miraculously play .ppt files, you’re either going to fork out a lot of money for a program that will do it for you (like the link that was just posted) or you’re going to spend a long time learning how to author DVDs.

neither way is going to be fun, and I wouldn’t even know what authoring program to recommend or how to go about such a project…

i googled “powerpoint to dvd” so these might be some good resources to start from:



Thanks for both responses. I’m currently evaluating camstasia’s 30 day trial and also looking at FREE CAmstudio. Nothing easy in this world. Did note though that Camstasia was the easiest program I’ve ever used first time out ($300.00) Hard to beat the price of camstudio, so will take hard look at that. Thanks again!!!