Power Point Help Please

I hope someone can give me help creating a slide show using Power Point. Thank you.

I hate to bust your bubble…but first of all …a little more information would be necessary…

what version of PP you have
What kind of presentation your doing
Information your using
how many slides

and so on

PP version 2002 (10.6804.6811) SP3

I want to use photos (jpg format) in a slideshow.

I’m using pics from my hard drive…maybe 10 or 12.

all you have to do is choose your format.
where you want the pic in the slide and upload them( or for a better term insert)

When you open PPT you will see a box giving you 4 choices:

  • autocontent wizerd
  • design template
  • blank presentation
  • existing presentation

If you want your pictures to take up the full slide with nothing else, then choose “Blank presentation”. If you want some background colours and pattents, then choose “Design Template”.
You will then get a range of choices for formats and layouts - pick one that you like :slight_smile:

Once you have a format set up, you’ll see the slide layout in PPT.
To insert a picture click on the “Insert” menu, then click on “Pictures” and you’ll be given a range of choices. If you are using JPEGs from your hard drive, then choose "From File"
You will be able to select the folder and file from your hard drive, and it will be put into PPT.
To add more, click “Insert”, the “New Slide” and repeat.

You may want to edit your image file sizes to avoid having a huge presentation that takes forever to load.

Thanks for all your help.

yeah there is a easy free program that you can download that will do that very thing…Pix resizer