Power Plug won't work



Hello everyone, I hope you can help me. My son has a IBM thinkpad (yes it is an oldie but goodie) and for some reason when you plug it in, the power plug in the back of the computer does not get the charge. I took it to a computer store here at home (small town america) and they could not find the part to replace it. I was hoping I could get some information about where I could get one here on this site. They have been watching ebay, but said there had not been one to show up (they had the computer for a month). I am not sure what other information you may need to help me with this but any info would be great. The pc has 800 mhg cpu and 1.28 mb memory. Thanks.


There are a number of specialty vendors of “oddball” and hard to find parts. You can also contact IBM/Lenovo and see if a part number still exists. Last thought would be to wire a cable to the motherboard with a suitable connector on the end. Might look stupid-but it should do.


I was just on the lenovo/ibm website. I can find the model # T21 but the type 2647 doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Do you have a listing of these “oddball” websites that I might search? Thanks