Power pack usage help




Ok, i have this wireless router but i have the wrong power pack for it. I have one that will fit it but the ampere rating is lower than it needs to be. Could i use this or will it mess up the router? Could i use one that has a larger ampere or (amp) rating or is that not good either. Please let me know.


There are 3 must points.

Voltage needs to be the same
Polarity needs to be the same (is the center bit of the plug positive or negative)
Input voltage needs to cover your mains voltage.

Current (or Amps / A) must be the same or greater than the device needs. The device will only draw as much current as it needs so you can buy a power supply that gives out 1 billion amps at 7v and plug it into the same place a 500mA 7v adaptor fitted without problems as long as the first 3 points were all correct.